Great & Powerful Language of Culture

Culture’s Politic


Yoga has to become the Language of Culture Maitreya’s epoch set in. 
Maîtreya comes in the center of tight relationships with the hope of Aquarius under lightening stars.
This age for Russia will be beginning for Siberia struggle.
Yogis are future people on our globe ought to be formed six rase of synthesis.
What is a Language ought to be formed its mind and speech
and what is the progress of that divine people based on?
We shall discussing underline beginning its epigraph about our document.


Banner of Peace is the highest international symbol that we think to glorify it. If we have successful buildings in new world, great symbol might to be leaned by heart.


Today, in widely view Culture is seeing as the Unity of human Mind in the epoch of nationality’s cooperation and history’s profound analyses developing, in the days of globalization and space shuttle's discovering. Truly, problems of humanity are sizing to streamline about global scale. Times of cooperation planets and plans, truly, come in as nevertheless. Therefore, don’t fear the sense of globalization, it says us about our globe. That, today we can’t be saved in a hovel of power energies of great center of Universe, but one salvation is getting scale on the great global plan. Human Culture on the Earth has equally root. Genius of that root has grown up by masters of wisdom on our planet. Each nation’s spirit of culture is a branch of Culture of humanity whole. The Beauty is a principal leadership of adventures in art and science multitudinous in pack. Life of humanity has lead millennium ages. Great ancient times consist numerable epochs of developing human mind donatives cultural masterpieces of classical blossoming architecture, sculpture, painting, music, literature, philosophy, science & others. Ardent heroes have becoming genius cultural figures for all humanity above national culture, have infused advance on the target of human spirit life. Creative activities are becoming individual national spirits, indeed, understand abroad there motherland.  


Great Cultures Tree, the seed of each crafts and sciences, are burning equally evolutionary stream to genius people that creates by Masters & Mahatmas. These streamlines of crafts and sciences are passion of humanity international spirit to bear up great & perfect masterpieces of architectural buildings, sculptures, paintings, symphonies, literatures, philosophies, sciences and other arts as prays to God for glorying and memorizing each nation on the Earth. Human Rasa have a consciousness because of the Great Cultures Tree on that planet. Man understands it as the sense of mind and profound thoughts. Heroics are in this fact today as altruism based high spirit in society as powerful language of Great Humanic Culture.


New World are in international life erection today within the unit of National Organization. The International Unity on the planet ought to be got a discussion on the question of origin and human consciousness in the light of Secret Doctrine by Mahatmas & Great Masters – teachers of humanity. Heart bits on the culture’s seeds about human life. Great principle of man based on this reality. Art & Science are a full grain creates Spirit Mind of individualities.  Mantras by Nicolas Roerich that is “blossom will be full just over a desert” it is like the first drop of rain on the Field of tears.


Roerich’s Pax struggles against crashing of masterpieces arts & architectural churches and great museums on fresh air and not only becomes entire great philosophic concept of human’s being. Banner of Peace is creation of human beings like Heart of Humanity depicts Fire, Spirit and Love in the Universum circle. World without conflicts and war's aggression will be in flesh and protect by this Great Sing. And only if it stays on the Earth Maîtreya come in.